Cobzality Photo The sound of Romania


Cobzality is a state of the art world music project fueled by authentic Romanian folklore, customs and traditions blended with a wide and unexpected variety of percussion instruments, kaval, reed pipes, pan flute and electro sounds.

Founded in 2012 by two former members of highly acclaimed Romanian unconventional percussion band Sistem, Florin Romascu and Robert Magheti, Cobzality later on welcomes the sensitive but powerful female vocalist Bianca Purcarea, popular for her performance on the X Factor TV Show in Romania. The band is thus ready to transpose Romanian authentic folklore inflexions into an accessible contemporary display.

Florin Romascu and Robert Magheti have performed for 12 years within the band Sistem and brought Romania an important 3rd place at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005. Cobzality is thus rooted on great stage experience and a diverse musical background and expertise.

Bianca Purcarea – vocalist

Bianca has participated in the most prestigious Romanian festivals from a young age. One of her most remarkable achievements is her participation in the Norway Eurovision Song Contest in 2010. In 2012 Bianca becomes Cobzality’s perfectly matched voice.

Florin Romascu – percussionist

Florin is in charge with percussion and carries the backbone of Cobzality, ready to use his previous  12-year-experience on stage alongside the popular Romanian band Sistem.

Robert Magheti – drummer

Robert is also one of the founding members of Cobzality. He comes equipped with the steady rhythm of an impressive decade of experience on stage with the same Romanian band Sistem.



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